God, not another one!

Here’s my new blog, hopefully I’ll start putting some interesting stuff in it soon.

My attempts at installing Xen on Ubuntu have been fruitless so far. Hopefully I will hear from the Ubuntu Xen team soon to clear up the issues I’m having with missing files in the kernel headers, but until then I’ll stick with the safer VMWare server. Been taking a look at KVM (a kernel-level virtualisation module that has been signed off recently by Linus), it looks very new and theres not a whole lot of documentation behind it yet, but sounds very promising.

I decided to give SymphonyOS another try today, a bit of a disappointment as far as I’m concerned, I was expecting it to have got much further since the last time I tried it out. Not sure if I’m just not giving it enough of a chance. I’m thinking if I get chance I might attempt to try out a new distro each week and give it a review here, but maybe I’m jumping ahead of myself here 😉

Finally, here are some  screenshots of my new desktop! I’ve recently changed to a dark theme, hopefully it will help me focus in the later hours 😉

Desktop screenshot 1   Desktop screenshot 2   Desktop screenshot 3


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