Minty Ubuntu

I recently came across a new Ubuntu-derived distribution called Linux Mint at It’s designed to be fully compatible with Ubuntu (which I guess means you can use the Ubuntu repo’s alongside the Mint ones) but focuses on a faster release cycle and providing more bleeding-edge software. It also takes a more liberal stance on the free-software policies enforced in the Ubuntu community, including proprietary software and drivers “if a proprietary component has no suitable open source alternative and is needed to produce an elegant desktop” (see website).

I’m interested to see how this distribution pans out. I feel it’s unlikely to cause a storm, such a fast release cycle is impractical for most purposes, while Ubuntu has a strong community base and evolving in a steady but flexible rate, making it a safe yet exciting distribution suitable for most desktop environments. Bearing that in mind, Linux Mint might be very useful for providing to the current void that will eventually be filled with Grumpy Groundhog ( BOFs/GrumpyGroundhog), as the quick release cycle would make testing of the latest applications easier. It may also provide an indication of the implications in providing proprietary software into Ubuntu, currently a subject of much importance and disagreement in the Ubuntu community.

The minty theme looks neat too, I look forward to trying it out and seeing what it can do 😉

*** Congratulations to the newly-weds Marvin and Stacy! ***


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